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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sleeeeeep deprived

And I want another cup of joe. I've been up since 1 pm yesterday. This is not fun. This is not not fun. This is Sparda *boot!* So um yes. I want to post this.
It was mah fave of the Youmacon pictures. There I am as Iori with Rock Howard. I couldn't have felt more cool. <3
But ummmm

Old School Sesame Street ~ Yip Yips

Look at 2:05
They basically had a seizure because they hated the music so bad. I love it, I laugh hard EVERY TIME I see it. I even twitch like that sometimes when I hear music... that makes me twitch. Hidden code. The old

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bust a 360 and Rockafeller Skanks

So Friday was an eventful day I tell you. This is a very very long blog. But it will keep your attention. I promise. So if you have time. Please read. Let's begin.

So I woke up to go to the Tire place. One of my front tires had a giant bulge on it... but the other front one went flat. So I had a bulged tire and a donut, and they all were bald. My car was a death trap. So when I went there, figures one of my rims one destroyed... more deathtrapness.
So I bought a new one, and it cost me nearly $400... oy.

So then, I went on to school and on to taking my sister to the library to help her out, nothing too serious happened there, cept I got snowed on pretty badly outside and I looked like a yeti.

Went to work, and I worked with Ernest and Vern. Nothing too eventful there, cept Vern was an idiot and didn't do shit and took the keys from us after close just to play the PS2... Dickweed.

Sooo I decided to go with my friends, Ali, Ben, and Brian, to City Club, a goth industrial club in Downtown Detroit.
If you don't know what a Goth-Industrial club is : There you go

I made it to their house at like 11:45 at night. I make it there fine. They have a lil pup named Ein who is just the custest lil thing. He viciously attacks me with love. Jumping on me and scratching my legs for kisses. He's a Corgie.

Well we get ready and we hit the road. We drive and whatnot, talk about games and how crazy the club might be since this is my first time going. And we're on the freeway in the far left lane. We start going around a curve... and we lose control. We start skidding towards a car, but we avert them and then start going towards the wall. I'm in the back seat whispering "Oh shit..." to myself, while Brian next to me looks perfectly fine, maybe even smirking.... We hit the wall... But we keep going. The car is silent now, and no one is singing loudly to the music anymore. The roads are glazed in ice.

So now we're goin at 25 miles and hour. After passing like 15 accidents in 10 minutes, we start going down a hill... and we begin to spin... We're drifting and drifting in a circle towards the cars stopped at the bottom of the hill. It was creepy as hell facing the freeway in the wrong direction, but we spun right-way-forward and kept going. Brian said "As scary as that was, it was kinda cool"... Indeed it was, doing a 360 in the middle of the fucking freeway... I just didn't like the sensation of "I'M GOING TO FUCKING DIE!"

We make it... but we have to park in BFE. We hope no one breaks into the car. So we walk into this place. It's the dankest club I've ever seen in mah life... Though I've only been in one other one. But I thought that one was seedy, tch! Better guess again. This place was just wow. It was full of all the lil punk goths of different shapes and sizes. Grimy people, clean people. And then you had the fat whores... Dear god.

K, let me begin the whore rant with this. Being a heavier girl is just as great as bein a lighter girl. Lighter girls where the stuff that's best on them, and heavier girls the same. Somethings lighter girls where heavier ones shouldn't and vice versa. But dear lord.... In this case, this heavier chick was just a fat fucking whore. She was taller than me, and heavier by far... but the things she wore. She wore a latex skirt that stopped... in the middle of her ass... and she wore a thong. She looked like the had no underwear and that "skirt" was nothing but a long belt. And she would roll her hips on the dance floor... just ugh. She thought she was the shit and mentioned how she "got a free room." She thought she was so expensive, high class and untouchable... Rockafeller skank nasty trash-basket slut... You only got that room by blowing a few pipes.

So... onto the club. I walked in and we saw the way the kids were dancing... oman... they moved like they were all trying to make their body a living wave... and bad stiff jerky wave. We sat and I listened to my friends talk... Then I had these two people approach me. One was a guy, the other looked more like a guy than the actual guy and was a woman... named Ed.

Well. Ed basically approached me and was so close she could sniff my hair. She looked me up and down and pointed at me and said "This one is a virgin?"
I'm like what?
The guy goes "Yeah, she's never been here before. She's a City Club virgin."
They gawked at me and said "Do you know what we do to virgins?"
I'm like no...
"We violate them. You need to be violated." So the guy, his name is Jason by the way, begs Ed to have the pleasure. I'm like WTF are they talking about. Ed warned him about getting slapped. So he took up my hand.... and started Gnawiing and making out with my wrist and hand.... W-T-F! My friends all got the wide-eyed WTF look. I nervously started laughing. So then Ed and Jason began to talk to me.

My friend Ben was going on about how City Club has gone downhill and said "Remember when you could get a nice piece of tail here?"
Jason replied "Hey, I'm working on it." then looked at me and said "At least I'm blunt."
"I'm straight-edge." I said back.
"I can't be a straight-edge... I like sex too much." he said back.
The entire time they were talking to me, I was giggling and smiling... and giving my friends the "RESCUE ME!" look.
Finally, after what seemed like forever, Ben said "You wanna go for a walk?"
I got up immediately and said "Yes".... escape!!!

Ali asked Ben why he didn't help me earlier. Ben said he wanted to know where my boiling point was... but realized I didn't have one. "Besides she was smiling." he said.
Ali replied "Yeah, but you know when Ein is frightened, he looks happy. But you can tell he's not by the sheer look of terror in his eyes. Her expression wasn't far from that."
"So apparently I can read my dog better than I can read women," Ben replied. "I just now realized she smiles when she's nervous."

So then we went onto dancing. We danced, everyone else danced a few songs, but they were picky. I love dancing, so I danced by myself a lot of the time. Later In the night. Jason comes up to me again and told me that he was afraid to dance on his first time going, he was afraid he'd look stupid. I told him I danced by myself.. he told me "I know, I was watching you." O_O

K. So the night is nearly over, my friend Ali and I went to the bar and asked for juice. They guy told us "I have grape juice, apple juice, and pineapple juice. Don't try to grapefruit though."
I asked "Why not?"
He said "You don't wanna know."
I felt like I was in a movie...

So then... We went back dancing. I began to dance by myself again.. and when I got out of the music mode and noticed my surroundings as I danced, I noticed Ed was right next to me. She was looking at me up and down like I was a piece of meat!
Then she said "You are a amazing..."
I was like "Thanks." But I wanted to stop so she'd stop looking at me so hard. But I went on and kept dancing. When I stopped, we went to the other side of the dance floor to see the LARPers...
what is a LARPer? Behold
That's right. Live Action Role Play-ers People were in full goth punk attire... Doing Live Action Role Play in the middle of the dance floor with foam swords and shields. One guy had a mace that looked like a marshmallow on a foam stick. They were rolling and everything. I couldn't help but point and laugh, so did the rest of my group.
I dunno what else to say.

This is already long winded. How should I end this.

There is this game called Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES...
And there is a persona in it (A GF or aeon) that looks like a giant penis monster in a golden chariot. He will be in the American game that is going to be released.

Giant penis in a golden chariot... Please lend me your thoughts. I'd absolutely LOVE to hear them.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun pictures =]

To start things off... This proves women moose have antlers. Look at it.. though this thing did always seem really butch, maybe it's a male trangendering into a female?


This is from the Shining. This has to be the single most terrifying scene in that entire movie. There is this thing in some suit blowing this old man. If you didn't read the book (I haven't yet), then this scene comes to you as awry, bizarre and just plain creepy. I was like WTF why is that even in this movie!? His butt was out.

Yip yip.


Hehee yeah. That's all for tonight. ^^

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Complain once you've tried

So for a while now, I've been listening to people complain. And complain. And complain about their problems. My motto for complaining ~ Sure, it's fine to complain, but only when you've already done something about the problem. Don't bitch about a headache if you won't take any asprin and the asprin is right there. Pop a pain pill... then bitch. DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. Then you have the right to complain about them all you want and I, for one, will surely be willing to listen.

BUT if you don't do a damn thing about your problems, push them off onto other people, then get mad when people bitch at you about not handling your business. Then I'm sorry, I'm done listening. Take some action, I will help. And if you happen to get pissed while doing so, I will gladly listen.

It's about time other people in this house take some responsibility. I'm the youngest, yet I've never had a big sibling act like a big sibling. Sure they give me "little sister treatment" by running over me and using me, but as far as acting like big sibs, helping me with getting a job, actually being the ones to teach me to drive when I did learn, give me pointers here and there on ANYTHING... I get none of that. I give the pointers, I teach the driving, I help with getting people jobs, I help with schooling, I help with everything. Give me a break people.

It gets overbearing. I don't know what to do sometimes. I give and give and I get shot down when I slip a little. Trips are planned. Just a little more to go, there's so much to look forward to if I handle my business.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is What Geeks Do

So this is what I made for the Cons coming up. Everything is hand made. Poster board, caulk, bottle caps and screws and a lot of paint. Details are hand painted. I had the most fun constructing it, and it actually took geometry!! I'm happy I'm good at that and not algebra... Well, I'm not happy that I'm not good at algebra, actually it kinda makes me feel sad and retarded.

I used vinyl from the home decor section... heheh. And yes, I can see out of it kind of. At least so I don't run into things ahead of me. But above of me, like low door frames, not so much XD.

Me and Lex are gonna get some more of these done. I will be sure to post them when we do. Till then, I have this one... And the next blog will be past con pics, and the list of the cosplays me and Lex are doing.

Much ranting in the future. Learn that I am a very angry enraged individual. Orochi flows strong through this one.
And ummm... Yeah. lol looking forward to this.

BTW.... if I could... and not have a conscious. If I COULD... there are certain people who I work with... I want to drag them into the street and beat them with a aluminum bat with rusty nails...

Maybe cut them with dull rusted razors... God are they annoying! PLEASE GET OUT OF THE CONVERSATION! I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU SO SHUT UP.

"No, no, no. I got something better." No no no you don't so shut up. Jeez.
Oh and you'd think, if i work with you and I ignore EVERYTHING you basically say unless its work related... then I probably don't want to hear what you have to say. Unimportant. There's a few idiots at work that don't seem to notice that I don't pay attention to them. Yet they still try to talk to me. God...

Man. Quick rant. Not all of it, but it's off of my chest for now. K byes <3