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Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is What Geeks Do

So this is what I made for the Cons coming up. Everything is hand made. Poster board, caulk, bottle caps and screws and a lot of paint. Details are hand painted. I had the most fun constructing it, and it actually took geometry!! I'm happy I'm good at that and not algebra... Well, I'm not happy that I'm not good at algebra, actually it kinda makes me feel sad and retarded.

I used vinyl from the home decor section... heheh. And yes, I can see out of it kind of. At least so I don't run into things ahead of me. But above of me, like low door frames, not so much XD.

Me and Lex are gonna get some more of these done. I will be sure to post them when we do. Till then, I have this one... And the next blog will be past con pics, and the list of the cosplays me and Lex are doing.

Much ranting in the future. Learn that I am a very angry enraged individual. Orochi flows strong through this one.
And ummm... Yeah. lol looking forward to this.

BTW.... if I could... and not have a conscious. If I COULD... there are certain people who I work with... I want to drag them into the street and beat them with a aluminum bat with rusty nails...

Maybe cut them with dull rusted razors... God are they annoying! PLEASE GET OUT OF THE CONVERSATION! I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU SO SHUT UP.

"No, no, no. I got something better." No no no you don't so shut up. Jeez.
Oh and you'd think, if i work with you and I ignore EVERYTHING you basically say unless its work related... then I probably don't want to hear what you have to say. Unimportant. There's a few idiots at work that don't seem to notice that I don't pay attention to them. Yet they still try to talk to me. God...

Man. Quick rant. Not all of it, but it's off of my chest for now. K byes <3

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